Chest radiography doses with film screen: Is further reduction possible?

N Egbe, B Heaton, P Sharp


In order to establish the possibility and extent of further dose reduction in film screen chest radiography, gelatine based test objects were used in a simple chest phantom to obtain images at the current chest dose (Dref) and at percent dose reduction of 41, 65 and 77, respectively. Images studied by human observers to assess clarity and detectability of lesions (obtained from the perceptibility scores and number of lesions seen, respectively), showed that doses below 0.1 mGy (about 40% reduction Dref), but not exceeding 0.06 mGy (65% reduction from Dref), may be achieved in chest radiography.


Diagnostic imaging; detectability; image quality; clarity; dose

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The South African Radiographer | ISSN 0258 0241

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